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Research seminars

If you would like to gain a more in-depth knowledge of an aspect of business or law practice through our ongoing research at the Business School and Law School, then one of our research seminars might help you. These events are taken by a speaker from one of the Schools and aim to share our knowledge, discoveries, research best practice and new research methods.

Seminars on human resources management (HRM) are run by our Centre for Research in Employment, Skills and Society (CRESS) as part of its seminar series. You can find details of our upcoming HRM seminars on  the CRESS Seminar listings webpage

Upcoming seminars

Ron Tuninga on research in the Faculty
Ron Tuninga 
Where:  Room 334, Business School building, Kingston Hill. 
11 March 2015

Rob Blackburn on reviewing and responding to journal reviews
Speaker: Robert Blackburn
Where:   Room 334, Business School building, Kingston Hill. 
15 April 2015

Stephen Gourlay on writing systematic literature reviews
Speaker: Stephen Gourlay
Where: Room 335, Business School building, Kingston Hill.
13 May 2015

Past seminars

We have previously run seminars on the following topics:


  • Developing a Relationship with Morrisons
  • Work-life balance or Work-impairment balance, which is more important to disabled graduates?
  • Further explorations inside the HR black box: HR attributions and employee well-being
  • Impact and the Behaviour and Practice Research Group
  • Sustaining employee engagement, health and wellbeing through leadership and management
  • Smart Communities
  • Multinational Firms Motivations and Foreign Direct Investment Decisions: An Analysis of the IT & Software and Financial Services Sectors in the Irish Context
  • Researching the unpalatable: Why a research interest in self-publishing is fully justified 
  • Modelling the drivers of film box office performance
  • Using network theory to evaluate CSR in B2B organizations
  • Using a Facebook application to encourage more sustainable behaviour: A qualitative approach
  • Between populations and communities: organizational groups and the case of UK university spin-offs
  • Grant funding
  • Cognitive interviewing as a technique in questionnaire development - Dr Tim Harries
  • Theoretical and methodological issues underlying the use of network theory in evaluating sustainability - Adam Raman
  • Design Thinking in Healthcare: Developing Patient-centred Communication Materials for Breast Cancer Detection - Dr Corrine Beaumont
  • Commercial Corporate Governance Rating - Prof Photis Lysandrou
  • Does London Stock Exchange Require an Upstairs Market? Evidence from Block Trades - Andros Gregoriou
  • Gender in the workplace - Hans-Joachim Wolfram
  • Who are you calling Old? Social barriers to older entrepreneurs - Tom Wainwright
  • How to demonstrate Research Impact for the REF - Kathryn Elliot
  • Perspectives on Brand Alliances - Jay Singh
  • Pay-Performance Sensitivity of CEO Cash Compensation in Firms with Non-Financial Performance Measure - Salma Ibrahim
  • Design Thinking in Healthcare:Developing Patient-centred Comms Materials for Breast Cancer Detection - Corinne Beaumont
  • The decision making of older consumers - Robert East
  • Corporate sponsorship of the arts; conventions and practices - Catherine Morel
  • "Knowledge”: who needs it? - Dr Stephen Gourlay
  • Ethnography and qualitative methods and small firm research - Dr Simon Down, Deputy Director, Centre for Knowledge, Innovation, Technology and Enterprise (KITE)
  • Non-conscious Goals: Implications for Management and Directions for Future Research - Dr Amanda Shantz
  • The Scandinavian model – in an international perspective: something for others to learn from? - Hans Christian Garmann Johnsen (Agder University)
  • The Scandinavian model- reflective practice - Lars Mouwitz & Bo Göranzon (Linnaeus University)
  • Expatriates, leadership and innovation in Chinese MNC - Dr Miao Zhang


David and Ina share their experiences of studying a business course



Upcoming Events