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RAE Results

Introduction to the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE)

The Research Assessment Exercise (RAE 2008), seeks to assess the quality of research in universities, and it produced impressive assessment grades for the Business School and Law School.  Essentially, the RAE 2008 assesses the research outputs, environment and esteem in terms of their quality, significance and rigour from 2001 to 2007.  The assessment provides a quality profile for subjects ranging from:

  • 4* (world leading)
  • 3* (internationally excellent)
  • 2* (recognised internationally)
  • 1* (recognised nationally)
  • unclassified (sub-national)

Results for Kingston Business School

The Business School submission received a high quality profile: 90% was assessed as ‘recognised internationally’ or higher. Of this, 10% was classified as 4* ‘world leading’ and 35% 3* ‘internationally excellent’ . A detailed breakdown of the spread of activity by outputs, environment and esteem shows the particular strength in research outputs and esteem (Table 1). Within this profile, the submission was found to be particularly strong. ‘World class’ outputs were found in small business and entrepreneurship and marketing. The Small Business Research Centre was cited as having world class activity across all sub profiles. There was also recognition of plans to develop other research fields.

    % of research activity in the submission judged to meet the standard for:
    4* 3* 2* 1* U/C
Overall Quality Profile 10.0 35.0 45.0 10.0 0.0
Sub Profiles Research Outputs 9.9 43.2 37.0 9.9 0.0
  Research Environment 10.0 20.0 50.0 20.0 0.0
  Esteem Indicators 10.0 30.0 50.0 10.0 0.0

Table 1 showing overall quality profile and sub-profiles of activity in Kingston’s Business and Management submission. Full details can be found on the RAE website.

This result puts research undertaken in the Business School as joint 35th in the league table of 90 submissions and places it as the top post-1992 University in terms of research quality.

 Institution No. of Staff 4* 3* 2* 1* Unclass Weighted Average Rank
 Birbeck College 31.90 10 40 35 15 0 2.450 =35
 Kingston University 21.10 10 35 45 10 0 2.450 =35
 University of East Anglia 21.00 10 35 45 10 0 2.450 =35
 University of Edinburgh 52.65 10 40 35 15 0 2.450 =35
 University of Liverpool 39.00 10 40 35 15 0 2.450 =35
 University of York 17.00 10 40 35 15 0 2.450 =35

Table 2 showing Business and Management profiles for those submissions that were ranked as 35th in the submission.  Derived from RAE results.   Full details can be found on the RAE website.

These results show the vibrancy of research activity taking place in the Faculty of Business and Law. Dean of the Faculty of Business and Law at Kingston University, Jean Noel Ezingeard said:

“Overall, I am delighted with these results which reflect a lot of hard work and investment by colleagues across the Faculty. The results for Business and Management represent a significant shift in the quality and status of our research base since 2001.  On a straight forward grade point average these results place us ahead of many of our local competitors (old and new).”

The Director of Research, Professor Robert Blackburn, commented: “These results show that we have significantly raised the quality of our research endeavour since 2001.  This high quality feeds positively into our research, teaching and learning activities.  Well done to all our staff, students and stakeholders who have contributed to this success”.

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