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Current Projects

Internationalisation and HR issues in Chinese MNCs

The ARC has been leading research on Internationalisation and HRM strategy in Chinese MNCs since the research project on HRM in Chinese MNCs operating in the UK. This was conducted between 1999 to 2003 by Dr Miao Zhang and a paper published in the International Journal of Human Resource Management (2007). This research has established a high reputation in this area nationally and internationally. There are two projects which are currently taking place.

Project 1: Follow-up study on HRM strategy and Transfer in Chinese MNCs' Subsidiaries in the UK.  The study is conducted in six Chinese companies operating in the UK and compares these companies entering the UK in the different periods and explores the changes and development of their HRM strategies and practice in these periods.

Project 2: Innovation, leadership and Expatriation in Chinese MNCs. This project is a joint-research project between Kingston Business School and Shanghai Foreign Trade University (SFTU). Professor Jiang, Xiuzhen from SFTU visited the ABRC in 2010 and worked with Dr Miao Zhang on this project. Currently, the first stage of the project has been completed. This stage of the research was to identify the organisational factors which facilitate the return of Chinese expatriates to their home firm.  Based on a survey of 130 Chinese international assigners, the results have produced two peer-reviewed conference papers and one journal paper / article. Currently a joint research funding proposal has been submitted to the Academy of Chinese National Science Funding.

Talent Management in China

With the impact of globalisation and the shift in national economic development from a labour-intensive economy to an innovation-driven economy, talent management becomes an important issue for China. Various projects have been conducted on this topic within the ABRC.

1.Talent Management in the Chinese Film Industry (in collaboration with the Media Management Research Center, Tsinghua University, China).

Project 1: Career management in the Chinese film industry. This project is the first study which investigates career management in the Chinese film industry. The results were presented by Dr Weiwei Xu in “Behind the Boundaryless Career” conference at Kingston in 2013 and received very encouraging feedback. A further research project aims to conduct a comparative study with the Hollywood film industry in the USA (collaborating with Boston University and the Chinese Film Association in the USA).
Project 2: Innovation Process and Social Network in the Chinese film industry. This project explores the innovation process in the film industry by using the social network analysis method. The cases were selected from four projects which took place in the Chinese film industry. The network structure and roles of the brokers in the film making process have been explored. The implications for the Chinese organisational changes and further research have been discussed.

2. Innovation Process and Social Network in the Chinese Health Sector.  This project is to explore that the social network in the innovation process: The cases of Chinese Hospitals. This project is funded by SWAN network. The project investigates the social network structure and the roles of brokers in the innovation projects carried out in Chinese hospitals.  The field work in six Chinese hospitals has been conducted by Mr Liang liang.

3. Graduate Employability in Chinese University (in collaboration with Beihang University in China, one of the top universities in China.  Professor Weiping Su, from the School of Economics and Management of Beihang University visited ABC in 2012 and worked on this project. The results of this study have been presented in the Department Research Workshop. This project develops a framework to measure and predict the graduate employability in Chinese Universities. A joint paper has been accepted by the Talent Management Conference in Sept, 2013 and targeting the Journal of Chinese Human Resource Management.  A comparative research project in the UK has been discussed. 

Work- family life balance in Sri Lanka

This study attempts to challenge the Western model on measuring work-family life conflict. It aims to develop an integrative framework to investigate the work-family life balance in a collective culture society, such as Sri Lanka. Currently, an exploratory study has been conducted by Mr Navaneethakrishnan Kengatharan in the financial sector in Sri Lanka. The study is moving to the next stage to analyse the quantitative data collected from over 400 employees of the financial sector in Sri Lanka.

Developing  takeover defence regulations in China

This project is led by Dr Wangwei, Lin. Currently she is planning to conduct a follow-up research based on her previous paper -- A Shadowed Legal Transplantation: Takeover Defence Regulation in China to be published by the Journal of Business Law.   Interviews will be conducted with officials in China Securities Regulatory Commission to investigate and gather further information on the latest development in takeover defence regulations in China’s securities market since 2010. A final paper will be submitted to the Journal of Corporate Law Studies.

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