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SIMAC Consultancy Projects


Consultancy projects for a client organisation are seen as a key component of Business, Management and Business IT degrees at Kingston Business School. The projects are undertaken as part of the final year core module 'Strategic Information Management and Consultancy' (SIMAC) and facilitate the analysis of business problems, particularly at the strategic level of an organisation.

Further Details

This Consultancy activity has been recognised nationally, and previously gained a prestigious award for ‘Management Skills in Undergraduate Studies’.

The main part of the project will normally be a Strategic/Feasibility Study, which might also include a review of business operations, quantitative data analysis/modelling and/or World Wide Web (WWW) systems development. In some cases, a prototype system may be developed, but full implementation is not a requirement. It is unlikely that student groups will be able to deliver a fully documented and working system in the time available, given their other study commitments.

Each group comprises a University Staff Consultant and up to five students with the following typical responsibilities:

  • Group Co-ordinator
  • Business Analysis
  • Decision Support e.g. decision modelling/competitor analysis/software development
  • Prototype System Development e.g. Web site design and development

Students will be required to prepare documentation showing project progress, problems faced etc during the lifetime of the project.


Students will produce a written group report to professional standard and make an oral presentation to the client organisation on completion of the project. Client confidentiality will be preserved at all times.


The effective teaching period comprises two eleven-week terms. Consultancy projects will commence at week 3 of Semester 1 with project formulation and definition. Groups will receive a written company brief, which will usually be supplemented by an introductory talk from a company representative at project commencement.

The company should provide opportunities for fact-finding either by direct interview or by access to company documentation. Final details will clearly depend on the exact nature of the client project, but it is envisaged that.

  • There will be a maximum of five visits (to various parts of the client organisation).
  • Each visit would be undertaken by no more than two or three students.
  • Report handover and presentation to client, by mutual agreement, to be undertaken in the second half of Semester 2.

Client organisation contribution

  • Allocation of a client staff member as link to University (involving approximately 1-3 person-days of their time, over total project duration).
  • Identification of a suitable project within the context and aims of the course.
  • Client access by student groups for fact-finding purposes.

Typical Consultancy Project Topics

  1. Strategic/Market analysis of company operations.
  2. Review of existing company-based Information Systems.
  3. Evaluation of business potential of the World Wide Web.
  4. Corporate database analysis and design studies.
  5. Evaluation of company decision-making e.g. financial reviews, HR reviews, introduction of IT, corporate acquisitions etc
  6. Management studies.

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