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Dr Marfuga Iskandarova

Research Assistant
Small Business Research Centre

KHBS409 Kingston Business School
Kingston University
Kingston Hill
Kingston Upon Thames

020 8417 9000 Ext: 65572


Marfuga joined SBRC in March 2014 as a Research Assistant after finishing her PhD in Management Studies at the University of Exeter Business School. Marfuga’s PhD project brings together her interests in policy and regulation, energy and emerging technologies, and is primarily associated with Science and Technology Studies (STS) with a focus on technological development in relation to new renewable energy technologies. With a background in Law and Sustainable Development, she is interested in how STS can help to approach, and contribute to, the debates in energy policy, especially those concerning the ongoing search for solutions to energy and environmental problems through promotion of low-carbon technologies.

As a research assistant in Exeter Business School Marfuga was involved in research projects related to social aspects of biotechnologies, nanotechnologies and ICT.

She also holds a LLM degree in Law and Sustainable Development from the University of Aberdeen with Chevening scholarship awarded in 2006, a Candidate of Science degree in Environmental Law from Saratov State Academy of Law and a First Class Honours Degree in Jurisprudence from the Bashkir State University.


Marfuga has expertise in the areas of innovation, renewable energy, sustainability, and energy policy and regulation. Since joining SBRC, she has been working on a number of research projects, including the study of institutional entrepreneurship in community renewable energy in England, and an ESRC/ISBE funded project on permaculture-inspired entrepreneurship, which is being conducted in collaboration with the UK Permaculture Association. Working with Prof Genus, she is currently involved in three-year 'ENERGISE' project funded by Horizon 2020 which investigates socio-economic, cultural, political and gender aspects of the energy transition developing tools for changing individual- and community-level energy consumption with a novel method for energy sustainability assessment.

Marfuga’s research experience in relation to entrepreneurship and small business is mainly associated with researching freelance labour markets, sustainable/‘green’ entrepreneurship, and entrepreneurial intentions and activties of young people (GUESSS project).

Marfuga has experience in conducting qualitative research, including ethnographic studies and interviewing, and data analysis using Nvivo and SPSS software.



Research Interest(s)

  • public policies, regulation and institutional reform
  • sustainability, energy transitions and renewable energy
  • innovation and emerging technologies
  • public engagement with science and technology
  • sustainable entrepreneurship


Marfuga is currently supervising PhD students in the area of institutional entrepreneurship and renewable energy, CSR, innovative entrepreneurship.



The Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE); Society for Social Studies of Science (4S); European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST); The Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies (STS Italia); British Institute of Energy Economics 

Recent Publications

Number of items: 16.


Iskandarova, Marfuga (2016) From the idea of scale to the idea of agency : an actor-network theory perspective on policy development for renewable energy. Science and Public Policy, ISSN (print) 0302-3427 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Baverstock, Alison, Blackburn, Robert and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2015) How the role of the independent editor is changing in relation to traditional and self-publishing. Learned Publishing, 28(2), pp. 123-131. ISSN (print) 0953-1513

Baverstock, Alison, Blackburn, Robert and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2015) Who are the independent editors, how did they reach their role and what are their associated job satisfactions? Learned Publishing, 28(1), pp. 43-53. ISSN (print) 0953-1513


Iskandarova, Marfuga (2004) Правовое регулирование экологического образования в контексте концепции устойчивого развития [Legal regulation of environmental education in the context of sustainable development]. Ufa, Bashkir Republic, Russia : Bashkir State University. 104p. ISBN 5747710605

Conference or Workshop Item

Genus, Audley and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2016) Community energy as institutional innovation: rules, discourses and grassroot agency. In: Society Policy Research Unit (SPRU) 50th Anniversary Conference: Transforming Innovation; 7-9 Sep 2016, Brighton, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Genus, Audley and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2016) Institutional entrepreneurship and community renewable energy in England. In: 3rd Energy and Society Conference: Transforming Energy for Society; 12-14 Sep 2016, Leipzig, Germany. (Unpublished)

Genus, Audley, Iskandarova, Marfuga and Warburton Brown, Chris (2016) Institutional entrepreneurship for permaculture: findings from a ‘RAKE’ project. In: 39th Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Annual Conference: Institutional Voids, Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development; 27-28 Oct 2016, Paris, France.

Genus, Audley and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2015) Emerging themes and controversies in responsible research and innovation: a narrative review. In: First International Conference on Anticipation; 5-7 Nov 2015, Trento, Italy. (Unpublished)

Iskandarova, Marfuga and Simakova, Elena (2015) Performing wave in policy and technoscience: developing an STS approach in the sociology of energy. In: Second International Days of the Sociology of Energy: Contemporary Societies Faced with Energy Transitions; 1-3 Jul 2015, Tours, France. (Unpublished)

Iskandarova, Marfuga (2013) Co-construction of credibility and expertise: the case of Wave Hub. In: Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) Annual Meeting 2013; 9-12 Oct 2013, San Diego, U.S.. (Unpublished)

Simakova, Elena and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2013) Performing waves: posthumanism and the construction of heterogeneous futures? In: Varieties of Posthumanism: Policy as Practice and Performance; 6 Mar 2013, Exeter, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Iskandarova, Marfuga and Simakova, Elena (2012) Energy, expectations, and expertise: the case of Wave Hub. In: Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) and European Association for the Study of Science and Technology (EASST) Conference 2012: Design and Displacement; 17-20 Oct 2012, Copenhagen, Denmark. (Unpublished)

Iskandarova, Marfuga (2005) Развитие правового обеспечения образования в области окружающей среды в США [Development of legal regulation for environmental education in the USA]. In: Legal System and Challenges of Contemporaneity. International Conference of Students and Young Scientists; 5-7 Dec 2005, Ufa, Russia. ISBN 5747713213


Saridakis, George, Iskandarova, Marfuga and Blackburn, Robert (2016) Student entrepreneurship in Great Britain: intentions and activities. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Small Business Research Centre, Kingston Business School, Kingston University. 41 p.

Blackburn, Robert and Iskandarova, Marfuga (2014) Student entrepreneurship across the globe: intentions and activities. Report for England 2013/2014. (Project Report) Kingston upon Thames, U.K. : Small Business Research Centre, Kingston Business School, Kingston University. 45 p.


Iskandarova, Marfuga (2013) Constructing a macro-actor in practice: the case of Wave Hub. (PhD thesis), University of Exeter.

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