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Dr Walter Skok

Visiting Fellow
Accounting, Finance and Informatics

KHBS3038 Kingston Business School
Kingston University
Kingston Hill
Kingston Upon Thames


Dr Walter Skok is a Visiting Fellow at Kingston University’s Business School since January 2012. Previously he was Principal Lecturer in Business Computing.

Prior to entering higher education, he was employed in the Operational Research Department of the British Steel Corporation and in Management Consultancy at Atkins Planning, where he was involved in project management and systems development on major projects, including the successful construction of a $350 million steelworks in Ciudad Guayana, Venezuela.

His current teaching centres around Business Information Systems on under-graduate and Masters programmes. He is an advocate of a multi-disciplinary approach, believing that (a) the introduction of IT should be treated as any other organisational change process, and (b) it is vital to balance the business, technology and people issues. He also uses external consulting projects within the curriculum to help students to apply theory in a practical context and develop their management skills. His research includes: information systems evaluation, managing organisational knowledge, the role of individuals in applying IT to business and world-wide taxi cab management.

Research Interest(s)

Knowledge, Process and Project Management Research Unit, covering:
Project Supervisor, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (with KBC Advanced Technologies). To develop a strategy for improving the management of the companies organisational knowledge. Grant value £121,729 (Mar 2010 - Feb 2012)

Lead Academic, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (with M3 Housing). To undertake a strategic review of the company's operations in the social housing sector and explore new markets for their products. Grant value £106,128. (Jan 2009 - Dec 2010).

Lead Academic, Knowledge Transfer Partnership (with Cherith Simmons Learning and Development). To utilise Internet technologies to strategically enhance the company's management systems. Grant value £102,872. (Nov 2005 - Nov 2007)

Evaluation of Information Systems
To determine the effectiveness of information systems, particularly Knowledge Management and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, using both qualitative and quantitative techniques. Particular emphasis is made on interpretive studies, which consider 'success' from user, developer, management and consultant perspectives.

Knowledge and Process Management in the Taxi Cab Industry
To investigate the international Taxi Cab industry from a process management perspective e.g. as an example of managing knowledge in a dynamic setting and to identify lessons learned for the benefit of the business community. A Taxi Cab Management Model has been developed to benchmark the effectiveness of different international city operations.

Determination of IS Skills Requirements
To identify the key skills required by IS and Business professionals, who are working in a global competitive environment. This study has examined the business, IT, management and organisational skills requirements for staff across a number of countries and considers the key issues associated with the digital divide.


Information Systems Management, Knowledge Management and Global Strategy on MBA, MSc International Business Management and Doctor of Business Administration. Project Supervision and Client Report Writing on MBA Management Research Project.

External Examiner

2012–2016 Postgraduate Computing, University of West Scotland
2014–2016 Under- and Postgraduate Boards, Auston Institute of Management, Singapore
2012–2014 Masters courses at International Business Academy (IBA), Kolding, Denmark
2011–2015 Undergraduate Computing and Business IT, University of Kent
2004–2008 Chief External Examiner: Masters Network of courses, Manchester Metropolitan University Business School
1993–1998 BSc (Hons) Business Information Technology, London South Bank University


Fellow of the British Computer Society, Member of the UK Academy of Information Systems, Chartered IT Professional.

Recent Publications

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