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Professor Andrew Clark

BA(Hons), MSc, PhD


Andrew Clark holds a PhD from the London School of Economics. He is currently a CNRS Research Professor at the Paris School of Economics (PSE), and previously held posts at Dartmouth, Essex, CEPREMAP, DELTA, the OECD and the University of Orléans.

In addition to his Paris position, he is research associate at the London School of Economics, IZA (Bonn), Aarhus School of Business, and the Rimini Centre for Economic Analysis. He is on the Editorial Board of nine journals, and has acted as referee for over 130 different journals in Economics, Sociology, Psychology and Statistics.

Andrew is a member of a highly influential group of happiness economists that include Richard Layard, Bruno Frey, Bernard van Praag, and Andrew Oswald.

Research Interest(s)

Andrew’s research is focussed on the interface between psychology, sociology and economics in the broad area of social interactions and social learning. Citations to Andrew’s work will reveal a list of publications in top-ranked psychology and economics journals on topics that include hedonic adaptation and subjective wellbeing.

Recent Publications

Number of items: 49.


Clark, Andrew E. and Etilé, Fabrice (2011) Happy house: spousal weight and individual well-being. Journal of Health Economics, 30(5), pp. 1124-1136. ISSN (print) 0167-6296

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Clark, Andrew E., Frijters, Paul and Shields, Michael A. (2008) Relative income, happiness, and utility: an explanation for the Easterlin paradox and other puzzles. Journal of Economic Literature, 46(1), pp. 95-144. ISSN (print) 0022-0515

Clark, Andrew E. and Vicard, Augustin (2007) Conditions de collecte et santé auto-déclarée: une analyse sur données européennes. Economie et statistique(403), pp. 143-163. ISSN (print) 0336-1454

Clark, Andrew E. and Lohéac, Youenn (2007) “It wasn’t me, it was them!” Social influence in risky behavior by adolescents. Journal of Health Economics, 26(4), pp. 763-784. ISSN (print) 0167-6296

Brunet, Carole, Clark, Andrew and Lesueur, Jean-Yves (2007) Statut résidentiel et durée de chômage en France et au Royaume-Uni. Revue française d'économie, 22(2), pp. 165-190. ISSN (print) 0769-0479

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Book Section

Clark, Andrew and Senik, Claudia (2008) La croissance rend-elle heureux? La réponse des données subjectives. In: Askenazy, Philippe and Cohen, Daniel, (eds.) 27 questions d'economie contemporaine. Economiques 1. Paris, France : Albin Michel. ISBN 9782226179098

Clark, Andrew (2005) What makes a good job? Evidence from OECD countries. In: Bazen, Stephen , Lucifora, Claudio and Salverda, Wiemer, (eds.) Job quality and employer behaviour. Basingstoke, U.K. : Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 11-30. ISBN 9781403947949

Clark, Andrew, Dex, Shirley, Perren, Kim, Rose, David and Taylor, Mark (1994) Changes in economic activity. In: Buck, N. , Gershuny, J. , Rose, D. and Scott, J., (eds.) Changing households: the British Household Panel survey 1990-1992. Colchester, U.K. : ESRC Research Centre Press. ISBN 1858711029

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