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Professor Ian Benson

MA (Cantab), MSCS, PhD
Visiting Professor
Accounting, Finance and Informatics

Kingston Business School
Kingston University
Kingston Hill campus
Kingston upon Thames


Ian had increasing technical and management responsibilities in software technology, creating risk management and transaction processing systems for banks, telcos, broadcasters, schools and public services. 

He co-founded SRI (formerly Stanford Research Institute) Cambridge Computer Science Center (1985), Sybase (fomerly OASiS) Laboratory for Business Design (1991), Sociality (1999) and Sociality Mathematics CIC (2011).

From 2011-15 he was a Research Scholar at the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University. 

Ian has degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from Cambridge University, and a Masters degree in Symbolic Computation from Stanford University.

Research Interest(s)

Ian's focus is the use of the internet as a platform for the collaborative design and governance of open computer systems with an emphasis on their theoretical foundations, and conceptual, specification and implementation models. He conducts action research with the Tizard network of elementary schools in Europe.


Ian is a member of the General Council of the Association of Teachers of Mathematics.

Recent Publications

Number of items: 22.


Benson, Ian, Cane, Jenny and Spencer, Suzanne (2015) Experiences with early algebra. Primary Mathematics, pp. 23-26. ISSN (print) 1465-0495

Benson, Ian (2015) Functional relationships between patterns of Cuisenaire rods. Mathematics Teaching(245), pp. 39-40. ISSN (print) 0025-5785

Benson, Ian, Cane, Jenny and Spencer, Suzanne (2015) Getting started with early algebra. Primary Mathematics, pp. 3-7. ISSN (print) 1465-0495

Benson, Ian (2014) Can computer science rescue mathematics reform? The Ring(XXXVII), pp. 7-8.

Benson, Ian and Drewry, Melody (2014) Tablets of wisdom. Improvement, Spring, pp. 32-34.

Benson, Ian (2013) Beauty in the eye of the beholder. Improvement, Summer, pp. 38-39.

Benson, Ian (2012) To boldly go. Improvement, pp. 22-23.

Benson, Ian (2011) Recognising children's mental powers. Improvement, pp. 28-29.

Benson, Ian (2009) Software for mathematics with numbers in colour. Quaderni di Ricerca in Didattica (Mathematica)(Sup. 2), pp. 505-507. ISSN (print) 1592-5137

Benson, Ian (2007) Ditching Piaget. Prospect(130), pp. 16-17. ISSN (print) 1359-5024

Carpenter, Keri, Nardi, Bonnie, Moore, James, Robertson, Scott, Drezner, Daniel, Benson, Ian, Foot, Kirsten and Jett, Quintus (2004) Online political organizing: lessons from the field. CSCW '04 Proceedings of the 2004 ACM conference on Computer supported cooperative work, 6(3), pp. 59-62.

Benson, Ian, Ciborra, Claudio and Proffitt, Steven (1990) Some social and economic consequences of groupware for flight crew. CSCW '90 Proceedings of the 1990 ACM conference on Computer-supported cooperative work, pp. 119-129.


Benson, Ian (2011) The primary mathematics: lessons from the Gattegno School. Lambert Academic Publishing. 144p. ISBN 9783844311563

Aleksander, Igor and Benson, Ian, eds. (1988) The WORLD yearbook of new generation computing research and development. London, U.K. : North Oxford Academic. 821p. ISBN 9780946536467

Benson, Ian, ed. (1986) Intelligent machinery: theory and practice. Cambridge, U.K. : Cambridge University Press. 168p. ISBN 9780521308366

Benson, Ian and Lloyd, John (1984) New technology and industrial change: the impact of the scientific-technical revolution on labour and industry. London, U.K. : Kogan Page Ltd. 224p. ISBN 9780850382846

Book Section

Benson, Ian (1986) Prospector: an expert system for mineral exploration. In: Mitra, Gautam, (ed.) Computer assisted decision making: expert systems, decision analysis, mathematical programming. Oxford, U.K. : North Holland. pp. 17-26. ISBN 9780444878878

Conference or Workshop Item

Benson, Ian and Haworth, Anne (2013) Introduction to the Cui approach: part 1: early algebra. In: Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) Conference 2013: Maths for Real; 2-5 Apr 2013, Sheffield, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Benson, Ian and Haworth, Anne (2013) Introduction to the Cui approach: part 2: metamathematics and formative assessment. In: Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) Conference 2013: Maths for Real; 2-5 Apr 2013, Sheffield, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Benson, Ian (2012) Experiences with the Cui curriculum. In: Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM) Conference 2012: Enigmas; 2-5 Apr 2012, Swansea, U.K.. (Unpublished)

Benson, Ian and Kilsby, Tom (2010) The role of conceptual mathematics in primary school reform. In: British Congress of Mathematics Education: BCME7: Mathematical Progressions; 6-9 Apr 2010, Manchester, U.K.. (Unpublished)


Benson, Ian Anthony (1991) Reasoning about contingent events in distributed systems. (PhD thesis), University of Cambridge.

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