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Research Graduates

Below is a list of recent research graduates and their thesis titles:

2014 DBA

  • Chi MAHER - 'Understanding Managerial Career Anchors and Career Path Preferences:  A Case Study of Third Sector Social Enterprise Managers'
  • Anton MALJUGIN - 'Emergence of Dynamic Capabilities in Low-Velocity Industries:  A Case Study of European Shipbuilding Industry'
  • David Geoffrey JOBSON - 'Explaining the Responses of Front Line Managers to the Adoption of E-Rostering in a Mental Health Trust'
  • Akin OJOLO - 'Managerial Competences and Differential Performance in Further Education Colleges: a case study of four further education colleges in England'
  • Demet Fusun DRAMALI - 'Moderating effect of forecasting methods between forecasting criteria and export sales forecasting effectiveness. An Empirical Model for UK Organisations'

2014 PhD

  • Sudha MATHEW - 'The Influence of Board Attributes on Firm Risk in Large Publicly held UK Firms'

2014 PhD by Publication/Portfolio

  • Raymond Hugh YOUNGS - 'A comparative law assessment of the contribution which German human rights law can make to English human rights law'

2014 Management and Business Studies Research MSc

  • Benjamin LAKER
  • Maram Ahmed TAWEEL
  • Elena Leonidovna DZYADEVICH
  • Muhammad Rizwan MALIK
  • Syeda Farheen Batul ZAIDI with distinction
  • Helen Rosalind ROBINSON with distinction
  • Patricia HARRIS with distinction
  • Zoltan DER
  • Helen Linda MARTIN
  • Keith John WILSON
  • Pauline Olivia PARKER
  • Khalil ALIZADEH
  • Seyed Mohammad ALEMZADEH
  • Amitavo BAIRAGI

2014 Postgraduate Diploma

  • Eric NHODZA

2013 DBA

  • DAVIES Gareth - 'The Impact of Organisational Culture, Learning and Knowledge Development on Performance'
  • GONZALEZ BREE Francisco - 'An Examination of Drivers of Attitudes and Intention to Use ATMS for Cash Deposits'
  • HUDSON Philip George - 'Understanding why Beyond Budgeting has not been widely adopted'
  • KIWANUKA Keefa - 'An Evaluation of the Impact of the Competitive Pressures of New Public Management on the Voluntary Sector Organisations' Effectiveness'
  • KOSHY Jacob Kalaparampil - 'An exploration of the use in practice of credit risk models'

2013 PhD

  • GROVES Winnifred Ngum - 'Diagnosing and prescribing by nurses in different health care settings: perceptions and experiences of key stakeholders in Cameroon'
  • KULDILOKE Somsawai - 'Determinants of consumer intention towards ethical buying'
  • LI Zelin - 'A Socio-Technical Approach for Mobile Health Informatics together with Organisational Change: Case Studies in Community Healthcare Service Centres in China'
  • RACHELE Judith Smith - 'Effective Diversity Management'
  • REES Nicola Jane - 'The Labyrinthine Law of Disposal of the Dead'
  • WESTON Alia - 'Creativity in the Informal Economy of Zimbabwe'.
  • XU Wei Wei - 'Career Management: A Study of the Chinese Film Production Industry'

2013 Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management Theory and Methods

  • WALJI Nazir Rajabali

2013 Management and Business Studies Research MSc

  • AL-JAWDER Ali Abdulla
  • CHANDRA Gaurav
  • CHAWDHARY Rahul (with distinction)
  • CRISAFULLI Benedetta (with distinction)
  • DAVIS Katherine Louise
  • GILL Victoria Louise
  • HUTTON David Mark
  • MIEDTANK Tina (with distinction)
  • OKUSAGA Enitan
  • PEREIRA John (with distinction)
  • SANKAE Nopdol
  • UDEGBE Ijeoma Gemma
  • YUSUF Afees Olanrewaju

2012 DBA

  • NURSE Andrew - 'An investigation into the nature of individual and organisational capability and their linkage: how the competence of an NHS hospital is enacted through patient-care related actions and the use of organisational artefacts by its doctors'
  • SCULLY Declan - 'The Role of Relational Norms in Enhancing Adaptation in Business Relationships by Controlling Uncertainty and Opportunism'
  • SULLIVAN Sidney George - 'Stakeholder Theory and Practice: How does it affect the management of parks and green spaces?'
  • WILSON-Cole Dennis - 'Governance within the UK Charity Sector: Case Study evidence from three Charities'

2012 PhD

  • ATHAYDE Rosemary - 'Measuring Enterprise Potential in Young People: Developing a Robust Evaluation Tool'
    Supervisors - Robert Blackburn, Mark Hart, Stavros Kalafatis
  • KANJANAPITAK Rukkagee - 'Knowledge Transfer in International Joint Ventures: The Case Study of Bangkok Hospital’s Knowledge Transfer to its Cambodian-based Joint Ventures'
  • BELTMAN Schelte - 'Culture within higher education.  A portrait of manifestations of the culture within higher education in England and the Netherlands in the post-Bologna era'
  • FARMER Mark - 'An Empirical Investigation of Relative Performance Evaluation in UK Chief Executive Compensation'

2012 PhD by Publication/Portfolio

  • JOHNSTON Carolyn - 'Divergence in healthcare decision-making – seeking a consensus on the meaning and application of ‘best interests’.'

2011 DBA

  • BARENDREGT Arie Teunis - 'Do Small Enterprises Study Their Competitors?  A Case Study Analysis of the Competitor Study by Dutch Business to Business Enterprises'
  • FAROUGHIAN Frank Farhang - 'The Impact of Value in Developing Loyalty in E-Services: The Case of UK E-Banking'
  • MENDAS Zrinka - 'Ambiguities and Complexities of Obtaining Value for Money in the National Health Service: Storytelling Approach'
  • PAYNE Timothy Jon - 'Identifying and Evaluating Factors that help to contribute to IS “success” for Software Development Projects in Multi-National Organisations'
  • PEDRAZ Ana Maria - 'Stochastic Optimization of Aero-engine Maintenance Schedules'
    YATES John Alexander - 'The Influence of Entrepreneurship on the Relationship between Corporate Governance and Corporate Performance'

2011 Postgraduate Diploma in Advanced Management Theory and Methods

  • BEYERS Johann David
  • LEWIS Robert Alan
  • KADIRI Hafisi

2011 PhD

  • CAO Jiang Hong - 'The Role of Entrepreneurship in China's SMEs in Effecting Technology Transfer from Local Universities'
  • ALI SYED Sameera - 'Small Business Marketing: Managing Word of Mouth in Small Service Businesses. Longitudinal Case Studies of Independent Hotels and Health and Fitness Clubs'
  • HYNES Briga - 'Determinants of Small Firm Growth – An investigation of the Role of Owner-Manager, Firm and Business Strategy Characteristics'
  • STANTON John - 'Democracy in Sustainable Development: Accountability and Participation in Britain’s Local Communities'

2010 DBA

  • CONSTABLE Stephen John - 'Relationship Quality and Relationship Value as Key Drivers of Relationship Satisfaction and Long-Term Orientation in Buyer-Seller Relationships: The Case of the UK Electrical and Electronics Industries'
  • HAY David James - 'Managing Relationships in Public Private Partnerships'
  • HODGETTS Mark Edward - 'The Use of Modelling and Computer Simulations to Achieve an Increased Understanding of Competitive Dynamics'
  • HOUGHTON Tom - 'The Information and Knowledge Resources Used by Managers to Inform their Decision Making'
  • JUDSON, Robert Graham - 'A Study of the Effects of Leadership Style and Organisational Culture on Organisational Performance'
  • MCNALLY Keith - 'Values Orientation Influencing Relationship Cooperative Behavioural Mechanisms between Health PFI Project Leaders'
  • NORGATE Gary John - 'Corporate Governance and Performance, The Moderating Effect of the Entrepreneurial Organisation'

2010 PhD

  • LEDDEN Lesley Ann - 'The Dynamic Nature of Value: a Longitudinal study'
  • VOURVACHIS Petros - 'In search of explanations for Corporate Social Reporting (CSR)'
  • SAMARATUNGA Mahesha - 'The Transfer of Human Resource Practices from Parent MNC to an Overseas Subsidiary: The Impact of the Introduction of Regionalisation.'

2009 DBA

  • DYAS Vivienne Faraj - 'Constituents of Performance: Investigating Relational Contracting in a Construction Industry Setting to Establish a Framework for Drivers of Performance.'
  • RICHTER Stefan - 'Evaluating the Value of the Firm as a Function of The Firm Operating as a Capability Based Complex Adaptive System.'

2009 PhD

  • CHARALAMBIDOU Anastasia - 'The Impact of Host Investment Conditions in Bulgaria on Inward FDI Pattern.'
  • SHOKEEN Priti - 'Institutionalization of Socially Responsible Investment in Canadian Pension Funds: A Grounded Theory Approach.'
  • STEERS Ian Robert - 'The Ethical Dilemmas of an HR Practioner.'

2008 DBA

  • ANOMELECHI-ONYEODI Ndubuisi Chikwendu - ‘Towards Favourable Outcomes of ERP System Implementation: The Quest for an Effective Model for Achieving Success.'
  • ISLAM Quamrul - ‘Performance Measures and Relationship Development in a Bilateral Governance Structure.'
  • SAFFELL Caroline - ‘Values, Value, Risk and Satisfaction as Antecedents to continue in farming with specific reference to farming in Great Britain.'

2008 PhD

  • KHELIFI Abdenour-Karim - ‘Attitudinal Determinants of Consumer Behaviour : An Empirical Study in the UK Credit Card Sector.’
  • PATTERSON Conor Joseph - ‘The Success of Local Economies – What Contribution does Social Capital Make? – the case of Northern Ireland.’
  • WILSON Nicholas Charles - ‘Explaining Labour Market Emergence:  The Case of Early Music Performance in the UK.’


2007 PhD

  • PUNJ Raghav - 'The Strategic Responses of Indian Room Air-Conditioner Manufacturers to Liberalisation, Market Reform, and the Entry of Foreign Competition.'
  • TLEMSANI Issam - 'The Compatibility if Islam and the West: The Context of Global Banking.'


2006 DBA

  • BRABAZON Anthony - 'Product Invention as a Complex Adaptive System: An Investigation of the Impact of Inventors Search Heuristics on the Rate of Invention.'
  • CONWAY Clifford - 'New Media: the Effects of Networking and Cluster Co-Location on Learning and Innovation.'

2006 PhD

  • MANOOCHEHRI Farideh - 'Managerial Considerations for the Successful Implementation of Internal Corporate Venturing.'


2005 DBA

  • FERGUSON Claire - ‘Feelings in the Air; An investigation into the Role of Mood and Emotion in Consumer Purchase Behaviour and the Impact of Store Atmosphere on Consumer Mood States.'

2005 PhD

  • MATHIOUDAKIS Alexandros - 'Explicit and Tacit Information Exchange as a Determinant of Business Relationships.'
  • ROUSE Julia - 'Enterprise, Identity and Structure: A Longitudinal Study of Youth Enterprise Experiences.'


2004 DBA

  • COLLINS Michael Geoffrey - 'New Perspectives on Flexible Working: A Case Study of Teleworking, Part of a Flexible Working Initiative at Lloyd’s of London.'

2004 PhD

  • COLLIS Roberta Jill Fitzgerald -'The Utility of the Statutory Accounts to the Directors of Small Private Companies in the UK.'
  • MEGDAD Abdulhai Mohammed - 'Internet and the Design of International Channels of Distribution: Theoretical Conceptualisation.'
  • SHARIF Khurram Jahangir - 'Trust as a Determinant of Upstream and Downstream Long-Term Orientation in SME Business Relationships.'

2003 PhD

  • ZHANG Miao - 'Multinationals, the Internationalisation Process and Human Resource Management Strategy: A Case Study of UK Subsidiaries of Chinese MNC’s.'

2003 MPhil

  • GILLIE Simon Patrick - 'Factoring and the Small and Medium Sized Enterprise (SME).'
  • THEODORAKOPOULOU Ageliki - 'Transferring Personnel Management across National Boundaries: An Exploratory Study of Personnel Management in Greece.'

2002 PhD

  • BLANKSON Charles - 'Positioning and Life Cycle Stages in the UK Services Industry.'
  • BUTTERFIELD Reginald Arthur - 'The Introduction of New Public Management in the Police Service: Its impact on the role of the Police Sergeant Supervisor.'
  • ESHHATI Mohammed - 'A Strategic Approach to the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Companies.'

2001 PhD

  • KUUSISTO Jari Heikki - 'The Determinants of Service Capability in Small Manufacturing firms.'
  • POLLARD Michael David - 'Environmentally Friendly Products: A Comprehensive Model of Consumer Buying Behaviour.'
  • STUTCHBURY Peter - 'Source Credibility and Message Variation in a Conflict.'

2001 MPhil

  • CHESHER Michael Clifford - 'Identifying best practices in the Use of Electronic Commerce by Larger Organisations.'

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