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Diversity and Inclusion Research Unit (DIRU)

The Diversity and Inclusion Research Unit (DIRU) brings together researchers with different methodological approaches and areas of expertise. The group comprises researchers who put emphasis on academic rigour and practical application, using qualitative and quantitative research strategies, and focusing on various facets of diversity (e.g.demographic diversity in terms of gender, ethnic background, age, and  [dis-]ability as well as psychological diversity as reflected in personal values, attitudes, and self-perceptions). Furthermore, the researchers look at a range of potential issues related to diversity in organisations such as career development and attainment, low pay issues, and indicators of well-being.

DIRU Researchers

Dr Hans-Joachim Wolfram

Dr. Hans-Joachim Wolfram - Research Unit co-ordinator

Research interests: “Gender in Organisations” (GIO) research; occupational well-being; demographic and psychological diversity; social psychology perspectives within organisational settings (eg stereotyping).

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Dr Deborah Brewis - DIRU researcher

Research interests: (In)equalities, especially gender and sexual identity; diversity and inclusion in organisations, especially diversity practitioners. 

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Nona McDuff Nona McDuff

Research interests: Impact and organisational development; sector leadership; BME staff and student attainment; gender equality.

Equality, diversity and inclusion at Kingston University
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Dr Mayra Ruiz Castro Dr Mayra Ruiz Castro

Research interests: Gender equality at work and at home; the relationship between gender attitudes, intra-household dynamics and organisational practices, and its effects on women's and men's personal lives; career advancement processes from an intersectional perspective, accounting for gender, class, race, and culture.

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Associate members


Dr Kenisha Linton

Research interests: Human resource development (HRD); Workforce diversity, equality and inclusion; Intersectionality and identity at work; Transnational & Cross-cultural Management; BME student attainment gap.   


Sanjiv Sachdev

Sanjiv Sachdev

Research interests: Minimum wage/low pay; internships and placements; employment implications of privatisation.




 Laura William

Laura William

Research interests: Disabled graduates in the UK; employee representation such as civil society organisations.





DIRU group shot

Founder members of DIRU

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