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Dr Miao Zhang

Principal Lecturer

KHBS3013 Kingston Business School
Kingston University
Kingston Hill
Kingston Upon Thames

020 8417 9000 Ext: 65573


 Miao completed a doctorate on International HRM in 2001 and became a senior lecturer at Kingston University, teaching  International Human Resource Management for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. She is also a supervisor, course director, external examiner for several doctoral studies. She was the Course Director for MAHRM and MSc International HRM from 2006 to 2014.  She is the director for the Asian Business Research Center of Faculty of Business and Law, working on various research collaborations, internationally and locally.  Before she joined Kingston in 1994 as a Visiting Scholar, Miao was an associate professor in Nanjing Normal University. Miao studied Philosophy at Nanjing University and Social Psychology at Beijing University in China.


Internationalisation and HR strategy  

global talent management 

Knowledge management in MNCs 

Comparative HRM and employment practices and policies

HRM and China

Research Interest(s)

Miao's research interests include:

  • Internationalisation, HR strategy and international management
  • Innovation, learning, transfer of management cross boarders
  • Comparative HRM and employment policies and practice

She has a number of publications in these research areas. She is currently doing her following-up research on HRM strategy and transfer in Chinese MNCs. 


Miao is currently lecturing HRM in an International Context for undergraduate courses and International Human Resource Management for postgraduate courses. She is also supervising various management projects at all the levels.


Miao reviews manuscripts for journals such as Human Resource Management (USA), Journal of International HRM and Journal of World Business.  She is also the external examiner for the doctoral studies for various universities in the UK, Australia and Asia, e.g. Manchester Business School and Sheffield Management School. She is also a guest lecturer for Cranfield Management School.


Miao provides the management consultancy for Chinese companies in the UK and China


Academic Membership of Chartered Institution of Personnel Development

Fund member of International Association of Chinese Management Studies

Recent Publications

Number of items: 26.


Huaichuan, Rui, Zhang, Miao and Shipman, Alan (2017) Chinese expatriate management in emerging markets : a competitive advantage perspective. Journal of International Management, ISSN (print) 1075-4253 (Epub Ahead of Print)

Rui, Huaichuan, Zhang, Miao and Shipman, Alan (2016) Relevant knowledge and recipient ownership : Chinese MNCS' knowledge transfer in Africa. Journal of World Business, 51(5), pp. 713-728. ISSN (print) 1090-9516

Su, Wenping and Zhang, Miao (2015) An integrative model for measuring graduates’ employability skills - A study in China. Cogent Business & Management, 2(1060729), ISSN (online) 2331-1975

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Zhang, Miao (1999) Book Review of: International management in China: cross-cultural issues by Jan Selmer. Human Resource Development International, 2(2), pp. 163-166. ISSN (print) 1367-8868

Book Section

Zhang, Miao, Edwards, Christine and Ma, Jiaying (2014) Internationalisation process, HRM strategy and transfer in Chinese MNCs’ subsidiaries in the UK. In: Richet, Xavier , Delteil, Violaine and Dieuaide, Patrick, (eds.) Strategies of multinational corporations and social regulations: European and Asian perspectives. London, U.K. : Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg. pp. 125-135. ISBN 9783642413698

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Edwards, Tony and Zhang, Miao (2008) Multinationals and national systems of employment relations: innovators or adapters? In: Lawler, John J. and Hundley, Greg, (eds.) The Global Diffusion of Human Resource Practices: Institutional and Cultural Limits. Bingley, U.K. : Emerald Group Publishing Limited. pp. 33-58. (Advances in international management, no. 21) ISSN (print) 1571-5027 ISBN 9780762314010

Zhang, Miao, Edwards, Tony and Edwards, Christine (2006) Internationalization and developing countries: the case of China. In: Edwards, Tony and Rees, Chris, (eds.) International human resource management: globalization, national systems and multinational companies. Harlow, U.K. : Pearson Education Limited. pp. 129-147. ISBN 0273651773

Conference or Workshop Item

Rui, Huaichuan and Zhang, Miao (2015) Feasibility, recipient ownership and knowledge transfer strategy: a case of Chinese MNCs in Africa. In: Academy of International Business (AIB) 2015 Annual Meeting: Global Networks: Organizations and People; 27-30 Jun 2015, Bengaluru, India. (Unpublished)

Zhang, Miao and Rui, Huaichun (2015) HR strategy and employment management in Chinese MNCs. In: 17th International Labour and Employment Relations Association (ILERA) World Congress: The Changing World of Work: Implications for Labour and Employment Relations and Social Protection; 07-11 Sep 2015, Cape Town, South Africa. (Unpublished)

Zhang, Miao and Øvre, Susanne (2014) Repatriation in a changing global context - a case of Norwegian MNCs. In: 13th International Human Resource Management Conference: Uncertainty in a Flattening World: Challenges for IHRM; 24-27 Jun 2014, Krakow, Poland. (Unpublished)

Jiang, Xiuzhen and Zhang, Miao (2010) Factors affecting expatriates' willingness to repatriate: case of China. In: 11th International Human Resource Management conference - Emergence of new economic powers: management of human resources in the challenging global context; 09 - 12 Jun 2010, Birmingham, U.K..

Zhang, Miao and Jiang, Xiuchen (2009) HRM strategy in MNCs from China and implications for Chinese international managers' development. In: 15th World Congress of the International Industrial Relations Association (IIRA): The New World of Work, Organisations and Employment; 24-27 Aug 2009, Sydney, Australia.

Zhang, Miao and Edwards, Christine (2008) Localisation strategy and internationalisation process in Chinese MNCs: a case study with six companies in the UK. In: The Third International Association of Chinese Management Research (IACMR) Conference: The Olympic Spirit in Chinese Management Research; 19-22 Jun 2008, Guangzhou, China.

Zhang, Miao, Samaratunga, Mahesha, Rees, Chris and Edwards, Christine (2007) Developments in international HR transfer processes: evidence from a Swiss MNC operating in Sri Lanka. In: 9th International Human Resource Management (IHRM) Conference: Changes in Society, Changes in Organizations, and the Changing Role of HRM: Managing International Human Resources in a Complex World; 12-15 Jun 2007, Tallinn, Estonia.

Zhang, Miao, Samaratunga, Mahesha, Rees, Chris and Edwards, Christine (2007) Regionalisation and HR transfer processes: a case study of a Swiss MNC operating in Sri Lanka. In: European Institute for Advanced Studies Management (EIASM) 5th Workshop on International Strategy and Cross-Cultural Management; 28-29 Sep 2007, Istanbul, Turkey.

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Zhang, Miao (2001) Multinationals, the internationalisation process and human resource management strategy: a case study of UK subsidiaries of Chinese MNCs. (PhD thesis), Kingston University.

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